#86 – Don Komarechka – Macro Photography – jpeg2RAW Photo Podcast

#86 – Don Komarechka – Macro Photography – jpeg2RAW Photo Podcast

Award winning nature and landscape photographer, Don Komarechka discussing Macro Photography. Don's specialty is extreme close-ups of snow flakes. He also sh...



Mike Howard says:

Show #86, our first Macro show. Guest was +Don Komarechka . You have to
see his amazing images. Can’t wait to have him back on the show!

Mike Howard says:

Great show last night with +Don Komarechka. Don shared his amazing
snowflake macros and many others. Thanks again Don for a great show.

dusty bird says:

Ooo do the IR show! I made a lens out of a toilet paper roll haha. Would
love to learn more. 

cambike says:

Got to say this is the most amazing macro photography I have ever seen,
loved the explanations for how the images were captured. Thanks so much for
sharing, made me want to get my 100mm macro lens out again. 

Slayer 6 Romeo says:

Jumping spiders are one of the cutest things on the planet!! They think
they are so tough, it reminds me of one of those little dogs that thinks
it’s a Rottweiler. 

Greg Nixon says:

Great podcast guys. Don you have inspired me to carry on with macro pics.
At the moment I can’t afford a DSLR so I am using a Samsung WB100 bridge
camera that I picked up on Ebay for £52, ( before this I used an Olympus
U700 that cost me £20 ) I am getting some amazing close up pics with them
both so I can’t wait till I get to grips with some serious tackle and get
even better pics. Thanks again chaps ( not from Afghanistan but the UK ha
ha ha 🙂 )

Adam Czapla says:

great job but could not hear this guy to the end

msmartinigirl1 says:

This is incredible! Don Komarechka true artist!

Lydia Jackaria says:

It was a lot of fun to listen and learn from the master, Don Komarechka
about macro photography, looking forward to your new show.Thanks guys for
the great opportunity, I am just a week to a dslr camera and love to learn
a lot more. 

dusty bird says:

I’m so in love with this podcast! Thanks for all the info

Cathy Wilson says:

Having so much fun experimenting with macros.

Mike Howard says:

Thanks Andy. Don is pretty amazing and we plan to have him back on the show
at some point to discuss infrared photography.

sagar mishra says:


Melissa Procopio says:

Amazing! So beautiful

Mike Howard says:

Thanks Jim. YouTube changed the rules since that show and now only require
100 subscribers, so we are there. But I appreciate every subscription. I
hope to have Don back on the show in the future to go over IR photography,
he was a great guest.

Sue Stark says:

This is one of the bets macro podcasts I have seen Thanks

Jim Clarke says:

I was looking for interesting tutorials on Macro and came upon this. I
found it interesting and entertaining thanks all have subscribed
…..number 727 one more digit to your 1000 done my bit hope it helps
regards 🙂


Great show! Macro photography is fav as well! I am passionate about Food
Photography! Subscribed!

Andy Rosebrook says:

Great photography idea with the snowflakes, added to my utility belt! Great
podcast guys.

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