3 Secrets to Improve Your Photography.wmv

3 Secrets to Improve Your Photography.wmv

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sikkepossu says:

These videos offers nothing but advertisement of her DVD’s. Shouldn’t call
these as tutorials.

zcarenow says:

you can also use a flash outdoors to prevent that shadow look

Jed Cranium says:

Great tips! At least you are making a fine effort to help people to improve
their skills. Unlike the few bozo’s that complain and offer nothing.

B. Jack says:

Raw Raw Raw- 😀

Heather Blood says:

I’m glad she’s advertising her product! Work has a lot of worth! Anyone who
thinks its not right that she’s asking you to buy her program probably
doesn’t understand all the work, time, and experience you have to put into

Rafael Ericson says:

she need to pay her bills… do you want to learn everything for free?

coleneee says:

well in the first set of photos its not just switching to manual your angle
changed as well which would move the lighting on your subject which helps
with shadowing on the face

christsna.ch says:

not real tips. Nicely made but there’s nothing that really helps improving
your photography. She always mentions to BUY her PROGRAM.

Google+ Sucks says:

What’s wrong with advertising a product? People get too caught up in
“free”… everyone has to make a living and if there are people willing to
pay for someone else’s experience who are you to complain? You’re just a
leech and a troll… I guess that’s who actually.

whole27 says:

yes of course i want to learn everything i can for free, why would i want
to pay…we get taxed enough

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